Becki (nitechild) wrote,

I missed the yearly update

So here it is, 2013, and as always I haven't posted in a while. Not really sure why except the fact that life has not only been very uneventful, but also I am just about never alone. I have finally got to a point in my life that I no longer dread the stretch of just me and the kids (Yea, there was a time I did) But it also results in me just not wanting to type personal stuff very often. 2012 Could possibly be one of the most uneventful years ever- Very very forgettable. I went no where, did next to nothing, and managed to finish off the year pretty much where I started. PJ and I decided to give it another go, but I assume I have posted about that somewhere along the way. I went back to boeing, but once again, I figure there is probably record of that... Not like it's stuff that I really need help remembering, but I guess you just never know.
I'll still struggle with weight, though I won't weigh myself right now because I know I have gained too much weight. The shit thing is, I have been throwing up a lot lately and it seems to do nothing... Except my lower back hurts a lot. I have to admit, there is a small part of me that worries about the potential that I have managed after many many years to actually do some damage to my body... But another part of me just feels like it hasn't been constant enough throughout the last several years to do permanent damage.
I often think that maybe I'll grow out of it, and when I feel like I may be close, I end up right back where I am now, though I am freaked out about this pain enough to give myself a forced rest for a day or two...
Otherwise, I did find out Mindy is a junkie, that's been shitty. I don't want to hang around her, I'm scared of losing here. That has been one of the lower points of the year- that and all the ellen bullshit (who is pregnant again....)
Molli went off the diving board for the first time, which I find SUPER, I was so proud of her... She's turning out to be an amazing kid, though she certainly has inherited some of my nerves and I firmly believes she has anxiety issues, which sucks.
Vin will be five in a few short weeks as well..... That's just crazy to me- time just keeps marching on!
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