Becki (nitechild) wrote,

2013 year end review

Well, the year is wrapping up and I have to say I'm bummed I didn't post more often. This journal is my journey, an invaluable look into a life that at one point, I truly didn't feel like one worth living. 2013 has brought about a total change in who I am and who I strive to be, it has to be my most positive year to date!
First and foremost I believe I've finally sent Mia packing- my longest relationship to date, I finally matured enough to realize good habits make it far easier to maintain a healthy look and weight. It takes daily food journals to fend her off and very few visits to the scale, but since may I've thrown up less then 5 times while maintaining 135 ish. This to meis the biggest success of my life!
Next my homelife- PJ and I both had our best year today financially and in my opinion as a couple as well (could there be a corralation?). Molli is in third grade, vince in K- which I doubt will ever stop weirding me out, even into their adulthood. They are amazing kids- I try to make our time together count as it's becominh all to apparent that childhood is short, how quickly they grow up and become their own people, it just doesn't feel like I have much time to help them grow as they are already so big!! We even took our first family vacation this year- a week in Florida with the kids- it was splendid. We even drove with little complaint from the mini's and how amazing it was to see them own a beach! Hopefully there are many more vacations to come.
The down side of this year has to be the loss of my grandma, my great aunt and Pjs grandma. Marie dying was just odd- we were never super close, but she was a staple of my childhood. There was always something comforting knowing she was around, they odd security blanket is gone now- which was a crushing blow to my grasp on childhood. Then came grandma. I don't have a lot to say about her loss, it was completely expected and not- I was sure she'd live to her late 90s. Her death actually pulled my family together in ways it had never been before, and despite the pain of her loss, I wouldn't have wanted it any other way.
-Andy and amanda announced they are pregnant
-Amy and kevin left Florissant
-Ma and pa moved from the apartment to the house
-Pj and I both stayed at the same places of employment
-I went to MO, IL, TN, KY, GA, IN, FL- i do have a Texas trip planned soon also.
-No new car :(
-Still at my rental
-Adopted Rocko
-Ellen had Zoe, though we still don't talk...

I'd say that's a pretty good review :) I'll try to post more in 2014!!!
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