Becki (nitechild) wrote,

The end of 2011

Ah dear journal, we have reached yet another end of the year report, though admittedly, I forgot to post one for 2010. 2011... what is there to say about this year? Well, I declare it has to be a lot, one of the most up down, rollar coaster year of my life. We welcomed the 11th grandchild into the benz clan, ellen gave birth to baby cross when I was in charleston in june, they also moved in with me, so now I have almost 2 full families living in my house!!! I traveled a lot! Texas, Kentucky, Missouri, illinios, tenessess, south carolina, indiana, colorado, arkansas, arizona, utah and washington. I went to washington obviously to persue a doomed realationship that began on the atlantic coast in late june, and lasted till the beginning of september. Mr. Laginess turned out to be a bit of a butt, though admittedly, I still think about him a little too often. I have no way to prevent him from sneaking into my dreams, and giving me little night time memories that I would rather be dead and gone (i think). PJ cheated on me this year with his dear ex steph... Once again, a doomed realationship, but it has led to me being separated yet again, and yea, that's twice in the last three years. We are sorta back together, but not really i suppose. He lives in his own place now, but unfortunately, lost his and our dog companion, boris, to an unknown ailment just yesterday. I oficially took over the Malibu, but once again, no new car to speak of :-( (oh lancer, how I miss you... travis taught me that the only value in life comes from nice things, and my nearly 30,ooo dollar car was surely nice... though that lesson is actually bullshit, but I suppose it varies for eveyone.) I am still throwing up, but not as often, though I have to say, it has been in overdrive since this break from work started, I'm sure it'll chill out once I get back! Vince turned 3, but he's just weeks away from being four, molli not only started 1st grade, but she turned 7. (AHHH, Where has the time gone!?!?) I'm still living in my rental house, still employed at RMS, though this is the first year of my life I have had an income greater then 40k, which is something I am somewhat proud of! Bill no longer works with me, but I have moved on, and it doesn't bother me so much as it use to! I worked a lot in charleston this year, helping set up the 787 plant, met tons and tons of people, I have smiled and cried more than ever probably. I could never forget the dream that began and ended in south carolina... the ocean, the beach still may just be my favorite place, though I also saw both the mountains and puget sound, which was beyond amazing! I think I fully fell in love this year too, which turned out to be something maybe better left for the dreamers. It was amazing while it lasted, I never will forget me on his back running sown the moonlit beach then dancing, laughing, it was truly a fucking dream.... and dreams, likeyears, always have to come to an end. What should I do with all the emotions I have aquired over 2011? I have no idea, though I have got some new friends out of it, oh yea, I got tp see pete for the first time in like a decade too, which was really really cool! Shannon Pease and ms. Jess had their first baby, which is way cool as shannon said he would never ever had kids! I have driven (out of the normal cars I drive) A charger, an escape, an impala, a lacrene, a benz, an aveo, and a focus (weird!) and I have driven probably less then any other year of my life. All in all, I'll be happy to put this year behind me, I really hope I can a start a new in 2012, and fully grasp what it is i am intended for here on the glorious planet earth! If I think of anything else, I'll surely add it later, but since this journal is my own personal journey, I doubt I'll forget anything else worth mentioning.... I just like to have records :-)
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