Becki (nitechild) wrote,


I guess that is a good word to describe this situation, I'm fucking tired of being the one who should "understand" and I'm tired of being the one who always is expected to forgive. It's not that I want to do anything to ellen and her "wonderful" husband, I just want them permenatly out of my life. There's a line they decided to shit on, and that's all. Great, so now my mom and gma are pissed at me. I'm sorry, was I not the one who took them into my homw, was i not the one who let them get away with paying very little to have most of my house, was I not the one who let my kids get belittled and yelled at, just to make their life easier? There's nothing to forgive... She's never been a part of my life til now, she never will be again. Good riddance, but.... breaking into my house when i am not home surely breaks the rule of "I will always try for the nicest solution" and if nobody else gets that, let them hate me too.
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