Becki (nitechild) wrote,

Back from break

As always with the super great becki, I am back from break, you think you'll never see me again, and then... I reappear. Life has been what life always is and that's that. There have been lots of ups and downs at the job, I'm supposin it'll do for now... Yet everyday my need to own a vegan bistro grows. I need to start throwing myself into it will all I have and see if I can start any kind of headway, and maybe if nothing else, at least do some research on some ideal spots and cost analysis. I'm tired, so I need to be forgiven if I go typo crazy, I just feel the need to post at least something so I see there is some record of my existence during the summer. No where near as interesting as last summer.... But living nonetheless, right?
there's that
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